Dark Flame (Immortals) - Alyson Noël

This was definitely the WORST book in this series yet. I tolerated the idiocy of the main character up to this point only because I thought there was a chance she would grow out of it. Did she? NOT A CHANCE!!! I couldn't even finish this because even after a few pages it looked pretty much the same as all the others. 

Ever: "I love you Damen!" 

Problem that threatens Ever and Damen's relationship.

Struggling with problem.


This isn't exactly a healthy relationship. Ever shouldn't rely on him that much, it isn't healthy. It also probably isn't the best idea to have no life outside of Mr. Perfect Damen. I get that she still hangs out with her friends, they really don't seem to matter to her anymore. Even when she's with them he is all she thinks about. GAAAHHH!!!